O’Neills have had a deep and traditional relationship with Gaelic sports for almost a century. We began as a manufacturer of gaelic footballs and have become synonymous for the quality of both our footballs and hurling balls. Our All-Ireland football has become a symbol of the sport and has been the best in class for many decades. As part of the brand’s gradual expansion, we began to manufacture kits for intercounty football and hurling teams. The quality of our garments was well received and we’ve never looked back. In the intervening years we have grown to supply the majority of intercounty teams for football, hurling, ladies football and camogie. We also supply a vast amount of clubs and schools across Ireland, at varying age groups. For the last ten years we have continued our steady growth by supplying kits and accessories to clubs across the UK, Europe, Australasia and North America.

  • 1967

    We were suppliers when Meath beat Cork in the 1967 All-Ireland final.

  • 1986

    O’Neills were suppliers when Dublin and Meath met in the Leinster Football Final.

  • 2005

    We were there when Tyrone won back the All-Ireland title in Septmeber 2005.

  • 2006

    Cork ladies on their way to winning eleven titles in twelve years.

  • 2015

    We kitted out Kilkenny when they won eleven All-Ireland titles in 16 years.

  • 2016

    O’Neills provided the kit for Dublin when they retained the All-Ireland title in 2016.

  • Tommy McConvey,
    Brooklyn Shamrocks G.F.C

    Brooklyn Shamrocks G.F.C began our current relationship with O’Neill's back in 2012 and since then they have been our official apparel partner. Being a GAA club in New York it is important to us that we have a strong product range available online as our support really is worldwide from past players who may have moved on from New York but still request an outlet to purchase Brooklyn gear. The O'Neill's website allows for this platform. We are able to track the online sales of Brooklyn Shamrocks gear through the royalty program that they offer and this has been a great source of additional revenue for us. We constantly receive photos from our supporters around the world sporting the Brooklyn gear and this has been in so small part due to the help from the O'Neill's design staff who have helped us create our current line of garments which are off the highest of quality. We see no reason to change from O'Neill's and we are looking forward to working with the O'Neill's staff for many more years to come. Seamrogai Abu!!

  • Mark McKee,
    Aidan McAnespie GFC Boston

    Since our club Aidan McAnespie GFC came into existence some 20 years ago we have been partnered with O'Neills. This partnership has been a huge success for our club. The quality product offered by O'Neills is second to none, in those 20 years we have become one of the most successful clubs outside of Ireland and O'Neills have helped bring that success with a great product that us at Aidan McAnespie GFC are very proud off. The variety available to players and supporters bearing our club crest and colours is exceptional and the team at O'Neills are a pleasure to work with. I really hope our successful partnership can continue to prosper for another 20 years.

  • Terry Tracey,
    Ulster Gaelic Club San Francisco

    Ulster Gaelic Club, San Francisco, formed in 1987, has an almost 30 year relationship with O’Neills Sportswear. Over the years, our club has grown in partnership with O’Neills. The product range and design has been hugely popular, and in recent years the introduction of our O’Neills Online Store has given people all across the world the opportunity to purchase our jerseys and sportswear. The flexibility and easy approach with O’Neills has been a key to our long relationship. This season we have 3 teams playing in O’Neills sportswear, we look forward to many more successful seasons together.